Abstract:   The conceptualization of globalization begs redefinition under the current ideological context after the post/meta discussions that took place on the last three decades. The post/meta paradigm demands a meta globalization perspective; the globalization of globalization (like climate change in the himalayas) and the post modernism, colonialism, perspective begs to review the globalization from non global-hegemonic cultures and lifeviews (like local responses to cultural appropriations and glocalization of hegemonically imposed memes).



How is globalization defined by the hegemonic cultural paradigm?

What does the meta perspective demand from a concept of globalization?

What does the conceptualization of globalization mean in a postmodern perspective?

How is the performative logic of globalization understood under non hegemonic worldviews?

We can think of globalization as something that happens to something. Like to a meme or to a kind of government, it is an action an us subjectivity performs over a subject that goes global.

What are the local responses to the globalizing initiatives thrust upon them?